Welcome to Primed. 

The idea for Primed came to me last summer. While flicking through a magazine, I thought, 'Wouldn't it be great to have a free magazine where teachers could share their good ideas?' And so, Primed magazine was born. Okay, so there were many, many messages and tweets sent, days spent learning how to create a magazine, and even more days spent editing and designing it. But it was with such pride that the first issue was released in September - a pride shared by the talented contributors who gave up their time to write for a magazine that didn't exist yet. 

Primed isn't about one person. It's about teachers and our profession. It's about the generosity and creativity and passion of teachers who want to share and who want to improve. It wouldn't exist without you.

So, it started with the magazine. Now Primed is growing. We're working hard on the new channel, Primed TV, where you can watch short videos of teachers sharing tips, ideas, resources and recommendations... CPD on the go. We are also developing a series of podcasts and live chats. If you would like to get involved in any aspect of Primed, or have a new idea to share, please get in touch (@primedmagazine or primedmagazine@gmail.com).

Whether you are a reader, a contributor, or someone involved in the development of Primed - thank you. 

Sam Daunt